TEESHOT Foundation

TeeShot Foundation Mission…

“Helping youth and the disadvantaged live their dreams through golf in spite of cancer”

TeeShot Foundation Background

The Teeshot Foundation was started in memory of Keith (Viper) VanDresar, Tami’s brother who passed away after a long battle with lung cancer.  Because Keith loved the game of golf so much, his family came together and developed this foundation to use golf as a means to help those affected by cancer.  Families that are dealing with this disease need a place that is ready to handle their needs.  They also need a place to  help them have a good time in their troubled times.  The Teeshot Foundation  will  host an annual golf tournament called “The Viper” in Keith’s honor and proceeds will go to cancer related projects.

Core Values

Our goal is to introduce young people whose lives are affected by cancer or other life threatening diseases to golf and all that it can offer.  Offer learning programs and special events through day camps, clinics and tournaments. Our goal is to accommodate those in need of financial assistance and all female participants and disabled veterans.

Golf Traditions: The TeeShot Foundation will teach rules clinics across Oneida County emphasizing the rules and etiquette of the game to Junior players, parents and coaches.